Recent Publications

Johnson AC, Tremble SM, Chan SL, Moseley J, LaMarca B, Nagle KJ, Cipolla MJ (2014) Magnesium sulfate treatment reverses seizure susceptibility and decreases neuroinflammation in a rat model of severe preeclampsia. PLoS One 9(11): e113670.

Wallace K, Tremble SM, Owens MY, Morris R, Cipolla MJ (2014) Plasma From Patients With HELLP Syndrome Increases Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability. Reprod Sci in press.

Cipolla MJ, Chan SL, Sweet J, Tavares MJ, Gokina N, Brayden JE (2014) Postischemic reperfusion causes smooth muscle calcium sensitization and vasoconstriction of parenchymal arterioles. Stroke 45(8): 2425-30.

Cipolla MJ, Sweet J, Chan SL, Tavares MJ, Gokina N, Brayden JE (2014) Increased pressure-induced tone in rat parenchymal arterioles vs. middle cerebral arteries: role of ion channels and calcium sensitivity. J Appl Physiol (1985) 117(1): 53-9.

Schreurs MP, Cipolla MJ (2014) Cerebrovascular dysfunction and blood-brain barrier permeability induced by oxidized LDL are prevented by apocynin and magnesium sulfate in female rats. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol 63(1): 33-9.

Palomares SM, Cipolla MJ (2013) Myogenic Tone as a Therapeutic Target for Ischemic Stroke. Curr Vasc Pharmacol in press.

Gokina NI, Chan SL, Chapman AC, Oppenheimer K, Jetton TL, Cipolla MJ (2013) Inhibition of PPARĪ³ during rat pregnancy causes intrauterine growth restriction and attenuation of uterine vasodilation. Front Physiol 4: 184.

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Marilyn Cipolla, Ph.D.

Cipolla, Ph.D.

Department of Neurology


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