Recent Publications

Hammer ES, Cipolla MJ (2015) Cerebrovascular Dysfunction in Preeclamptic Pregnancies. Curr Hypertens Rep 17(8): 575.

Johnson AC, Cipolla MJ (2015) [53-OR]: Magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) increases seizure threshold via reduced neuroinflammation in a rat model of preeclampsia. Pregnancy Hypertens 5(1): 27.

Schreurs M, Cipolla M, Al-Nasiry S, Peeters L, Spaanderman M (2015) Formerly eclamptic women have lower nonpregnant blood pressure compared with formerly pre-eclamptic women: a retrospective cohort study. BJOG in press.

Johnson AC, Cipolla MJ (2015) The cerebral circulation during pregnancy: adapting to preserve normalcy. Physiology (Bethesda) 30(2): 139-47.

Johnson AC, Tremble SM, Chan SL, Moseley J, LaMarca B, Nagle KJ, Cipolla MJ (2014) Magnesium sulfate treatment reverses seizure susceptibility and decreases neuroinflammation in a rat model of severe preeclampsia. PLoS One 9(11): e113670.

Wallace K, Tremble SM, Owens MY, Morris R, Cipolla MJ (2015) Plasma from patients with HELLP syndrome increases blood-brain barrier permeability. Reprod Sci 22(3): 278-84.

Cipolla MJ, Chan SL, Sweet J, Tavares MJ, Gokina N, Brayden JE (2014) Postischemic reperfusion causes smooth muscle calcium sensitization and vasoconstriction of parenchymal arterioles. Stroke 45(8): 2425-30.

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Marilyn Cipolla, Ph.D.

Cipolla, Ph.D.

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