Dr. Tierney (right) and Suryatapa Jha

Dr. Tierney (right) and Suryatapa Jha

Faculty Investigator:
Dr. Mary Tierney, Associate Professor of Plant Biology. A former director of the CMB program, Dr. Tierney is a graduate of Marywood College (undergrad) and Michigan State University (Ph.D). She did her postdoctoral training at Washington University.

~ Suryatapa Jha (Plant Biology PhD Candidate)
~ Natalie Wilson (Lab Technician)
~ Payton Hyde (Summer High School Intern, 2014)

Accepting rotation students: Yes

Mary and Sury discussing growth properties of one of their mutants.

Mary and Sury discussing growth properties of one of their mutants.

Major Research Projects:
The dynamic character of the plant cell wall provides a mechanism(s) through which plants selectively modify their extracellular matrix/cell wall as a consequence of growth and differentiation. We use Arabidopsis as a model system and have identified a suite of genes involved in vesicle trafficking, transcriptional regulation, and genome organization whose expression is linked to ECM organization and whose function is required for polarized growth. Many of theses genes have orthologs in yeast and animal systems. We are using multiple approaches to identify the function of these proteins and the mechanisms through which they maintain ECM structure and growth in plants.

Exciting News in the Tierney Lab:
Emily Larson, PhD, a recent CMB graduate, had a paper accepted to Annals of Botany (doi:10.1093/aob/mcu041, available online at www.aob.oxfordjournals.org) describing the role of VTI13 in cell wall organization during polarized growth in root hairs.

Suryatapa Jha has been invited to give an oral presentation at the Secretory Biology Minisymposium during the American Society of Plant Biology meeting this summer.

Suryatapa will chair the Plant Cell Wall Gordon Research Seminar July 11-12, 2015.

Dr. Tierney will chair the 2015 Plant Cell Wall Gordon Research Conference July 12-17, 2015.

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