Dr. Shen in the lab

PI: Dr. Aimee Shen
Dr. Shen is a graduate of University of Alberta (undergrad) and Harvard (PhD under Dr. Darren Higgins). She did her post-doc with Dr. Matthew Bogyo (CMB’s 2013 Retreat Keynote Speaker) at Stanford and joined UVM in April of 2011.

~Kelly Fimlaid, PhD Candidate in MMG
~Chloe Adams, PhD Candidate in CMB
~Keyan Pishadian, Lab Tech
~Kristin Schutz, Lab Tech
~Owen Jensen, Undergrad in MMG

Accepting rotation students: Yes

Ms. Fimlaid working in the Shen Lab

About the lab:The Shen Lab studies Clostridium difficile sporulation and spore germination. C. difficile infections are often caught in hospitals because the bacterium is naturally antibiotic resistant. The organism can cause a dangerous diarrhea that can be fatal. It is difficult to treat and eliminate because of the organism’s ability to form hardy, resistant spores. Spores are the infectious particle of C. difficile, so the Shen Lab is working on understanding the basic biology of how C. difficile spores form and how they transform into a vegetative cell during infection. The spore form is thought to be a major target for future therapeutics.

Exciting news in the Shen Lab:
~Kelly Fimlaid had a paper recently accepted to PLoS Genetics describing her work studying the regulation of C. difficile sporulation. Look out for an update on our blog when the paper is published.
~Kelly will also be going to Australia with Dr. Shen to attend the ClostPath conference in the Great Barrier Reef area. Dr. Shen will be speaking about the lab’s work at this conference.
~Emily Putnam, a Middlebury graduate (undergrad) and, until recently, a tech in Dr. Shen’s lab, has been accepted to the Microbiology PhD program at Yale this fall.
~Chloe Adams recently had a paper published in PLoS Pathogens describing the first crystal structure of protease required for spore germination.

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