Brian Cunniff, a CMB graduate student currently studying in Cambridge, England for his dissertation, was recently awarded a Young Investigator Award for his platform presentation titled “Mitochondrial Architecture, Oxidant Production and Redox Signaling in Malignant Mesothelioma Cells” at the Society for Free Radical Research International meeting at Imperial College, London.

Mr. Cunniff is currently pursuing his thesis studies on a SFRBM Mini-Fellowship and a College of Medicine Scholarship with Dr. Michael Murphy in his laboratory at the Mitochondrial Biology Unit of the MRC. This is one of the most prominent mitochondrial physiology labs in the world. Brian will be in Cambridge until mid-December, when he will return to continue his studies at UVM.

Congratulations, Brian, and the CMB program looks forward to hearing about your time in the UK when you return!

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2 Responses to Brian Cunniff Wins Young Investigator Award

  1. Anne Guilmain says:

    Nice recognition for the work you have already completed. You’re in the right place for continuation of your research for your thesis.

  2. Jane Weaver says:

    Congratulations, Brian – very impressive. All the best and
    will see you when you return in December. Jane

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