Welcome to the American Sign Language Program at the University of Vermont!

We offer several different levels of American Sign Language (ASL) courses and Deaf Culture courses. The ASL Program is currently under Continuing Education, but now that ASL has been accepted as a foreign language requirement as of Fall 2008, we foresee many good changes in the future.

UVM ASL Club Spring 2017Our primary goal is to offer students a variety of courses to prepare them for the diverse needs and interests in the American Deaf culture as well as other cultures in which ASL is used (i.e. Canada, Nigeria, etc.). It is our long-term goal to set up an ASL/Deaf Studies minor so students from various programs can enjoy this option.

We believe it's important for students to receive an education in which they are able to apply their knowledge to real-world experiences. Since American Sign Language is currently the 4th most-widely used language in the United States, students can use their knowledge of ASL and Deaf culture in such fields of work ranging from health care, law enforcement, human services, education, and many more.

Our Instructors

Our Adjunct Lecturers all are members of the Deaf community, being Deaf themselves, and have the education and training to teach American Sign Language and Deaf culture. Instruction includes cultural experiences in the local Vermont Deaf community, readings on current Deaf events, and access to the web-based ASL Language Lab for beginning levels.

Putting Learning into Practice

All American Sign Language courses offer the small-class learning environment that students need to develop their foreign language skills. In addition, students are both required and encouraged to participate in many extra-curricular ASL social activities available for informal learning both on campus and off campus or even to reside in the ASL House at Living/Learning.

Monthly Greater Burlington Deaf Club (GBDC) events for ASL conversation, our annual Deaf Awareness Week for current issues, ASL Skit Night (once a semester) for entertainment are several of the many events which provide students opportunities to put learning into practice and make contact that can further their studies, travel, or career interests in the Deaf community. Many of our students also gain life-enriching experience by studying at Gallaudet University upon graduation.

Placement Assessment for American Sign Language courses

Students who are considering enrollment into American Sign Language courses and have taken an ASL course(s) prior to coming to the University of Vermont are highly encouraged to take a language placement assessment (an interview with a faculty member in the ASL program). The assessment determines language proficiency and which course best fits each student’s competence and knowledge of ASL. All students wishing to take the assessment should contact Dr. John Pirone or Kevin Richmond via e-mail to schedule an appointment.

More information

Contact Shelly Ho
Administrative Support Staff, Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences