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Jeff Frank

Jeff Frank, M.S. Candidate, '11; Certificate of Ecological Economics '10

B.A. 2006 University of Maine

Areas of interest

development economics, behavioral economics, indigenous perspectives on development, ecological economics, ...

Contact Information

Thesis Title:

The Elasticity of Well-Being: Assessing Subjective Well-Being using Continuum Self-Assessment Surveys

Undergraduate and Professional Background:

BS '06 University of Maine in Economics and Political Science. Peace Corps Volunteer, Belize '06-'08.

Graduate Courses:

Fall 2008
CDAE 392 Graduate Seminar
CDAE 205 Rural Communities in Modern Society
CDAE 295 Ecological Economics
CDAE 354 Advanced Microeconomics

Spring 2009
CDAE 392 Graduate Seminar
CDAE 237 Economics of Sustainability
CDAE 295 Peace Corps Service Analysis
CDAE 351 Research Methods

Fall 2009
CDAE 392 Graduate Seminar
CDAE 391 Master's Thesis Research
GRAD 397 Master's Comp Exam
STAT 221 Statistical Methods II

Spring 2010
Co-led the Belize Study Abroad Program in Sustainable Development

Funding Grad School:

For my first year, I had a Peace Corps Fellowship and also filled the Peace Corps Recruiting Position. Fall 2009 I served as a teaching assistant with Dr. Tao Sun and Gary Flomenhoft.

Certificates Completed:

I had planned to do the Certificate in Ecological Economics but when I was offered the position to go to Belize for the semester I decided that it was a better opportunity to co-lead the Belize program than to pursue the certificate.

On Customizing Grad School to Fit Personal Interests:

I came into the program with ideas for what I wanted to study and then tried to cater each of my classes toward developing those ideas and figuring out what thesis topics would be feasible.

Words of Wisdom to Inquiring/Incoming MS Students:

Take the bull by the horns and drive the program to pursue your interests - you're in grad school so enjoy the intellectual mandate of your acceptance and go tackle those topics you've been thinking about! I barely squeaked my way into the department so I came into the program feeling like an underdog and so I really wanted to capitalize on that chance and make the most out of the opportunity.

It shouldn't be expected that faculty will be keeping tabs on your progress - that's your responsibility. Tap faculty for resources, ideas, context for your research and overall consult as much as you can to use their expertise to construct the vision for your research. Networking in your department and through your program can be just as valuable as the courses you take - have lots of conversations with lots of people and try to learn as much as you can.

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