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Community Development and Applied Economics

Molly Greene CID major
Green Building & Community Design minor 2010

Design/Builder - Sellers & Co. Architects

Since graduation I've been working for an architect named David Sellers, putting my Green Building minor to use as a design-builder. Right now I'm working on a library for Patch Adam's Gesundheit institute in West Virginia as well as doing the landscape design for the site. We've had a lovely Allegheny Mountain fall and it looks like we'll have the roof on just in time for the first snows. West Virginia is a truly fascinated landscape. The economic, environmental and political issues surrounding coal territory are really interesting (though tragic) and I find myself thinking back to so much of what I studied in my CDAE classes.

While I'm still very much considering attending the Architecture and Urban Planning school at the University of Washington this coming fall, I'm in the process of applying to a few other architecture programs as well.

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