Junior Year, Second Semester:

  • Receive official invitation from Dean's Office to participate in College Honors program.
  • Consult with faculty thesis supervisor who agrees to supervise project. The thesis supervisor must be a tenured or tenure-track professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. (If you don't know whether this is the case, ask!) Students are invited, but not required, to submit a short statement of intent to the Chair of the Honors Committee. The statement should include a general topic area and the name and signature of the faculty member who has agreed to supervise the project.

Senior Year, First Semester:

  • By the end of the Add/Drop period, register for Hon 2XX (The course number will be different for each department.)
  • Early October or February (depending on the semester in which the thesis work will begin) submit the completed application by the deadline. No proposals will be accepted after this deadline.
  • The Committee will inform all candidates on acceptance decisions. (Work done this semester on projects that the Committee turns down may receive credit as Departmental Readings and Research after consultation with, and approval from, the student's secured thesis supervisor)

Senior Year, Second Semester:

  • Early in the semester plan oral defense of project with faculty supervisor and two additional evaluators (See Completing, Defending, and Certifying the College Honors Thesis). The student should ensure that the thesis advisor electronically submits the "Schedule of the College Honors Thesis Defense" form to indicate the date, time, and place agreed upon for the defense by the student and his or her thesis committee.  This form should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the defense.
  • By the last day of the examination period complete the defense and submit the completed written project. Your thesis committee chair must submit the Evaluation of Thesis Defense form to the Chair of Honors Committee (via the Dean's Office) by the last day of examination period.
  • During Commencement festivities attend reception honoring students completing College Honors projects.

All above forms, applications and schedules available on "Apply" page.

Fall 2017 Important Dates (for students graduating in May 2018):

Monday, September 25th – College Honors application, Faculty Reccomendation, and Thesis proposals due

Tuesday, October 10th – Thesis Proposal decisions from Honors Committee sent to students

Monday, October 23rd – Revised Thesis Proposals due from students asked to revise

Monday, November 6th – Honors Commitee responses to revisions sent to students