Fall 2016 Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) Seminars

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Natural Sciences & Mathematics


PHYS 095 A - Seeing Cells + Atoms

Instructor: Jie Yang

The common saying “seeing is believing” actually makes a lot of sense. Yet there are plenty of things that are not visible because they are too far away, too small to see, too quick to see clearly, or are blocked by objects or living organisms. No wonder that a major part of scientific advances over several centuries has been the development of various instruments so we can see things that are beyond the reach of our eyes. In this course we will go through the basic principles of a number of such instruments and explore their power and limits. In short, this course is devoted to the understanding of basic physical principles of the operation of a variety of imaging instruments, covering optical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, acoustic imaging, X-ray imaging, electron microscopy, and scanning probe microscopy. We will have firsthand experience with how some of these instruments work and even some direct hands-on labs to operate them ourselves. Class materials will be provided in lectures or posted on BlackBoard. There is no textbook for the class.

Requirements Satisfied: One Non-laboratory Natural Sciences and Writing and Information Literacy