Fall 2016 Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) Seminars

Fine Arts
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JAPN 095 A - Japanese Popular Culture & Globalization

Instructor: Kyle Ikeda

How do scholars of Japanese culture interpret and study Japanese popular cultural products? How do global flows transform popular cultural works as they are consumed in different cultural contexts? What tools of literary and cultural analysis help us to better understand popular culture from Japan, and what does the rise of Japanese popular cultural products on the global market place tell us about globalization in the 21st century? Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization looks beyond the glitzy surface of anime and manga to examine how popular culture in Japan has spread beyond its borders, considering the impact of cultural flows from Japan, and the uneven ways in which cultural products find audiences in different parts of the world. What accounts for the popularity and exportability of Japanese pop music, idols, boy bands, and television dramas into the Asian markets, while its popularity in the United States and the West has been relatively limited, particularly in comparison with anime, manga, and video games? Does the expanding consumption of Japanese popular culture on the global market place affect Japan’s political power on a global level? And what are the potential opportunities and limits of Japan’s “soft power”? These questions and more will be at the center of our inquiry and examination into Japanese popular culture flows across national boundaries.

Requirements Satisfied: Humanities and Writing and Information Literacy