Fall 2016 Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) Seminars

Fine Arts
Social Sciences
Natural Sciences & Mathematics


GEOL 095 A - Dynamic Earth through Google™ Earth

Instructor: John Hughes

The Earth is a dynamic planet, and scientists have learned much about the Earth by “stepping back” and viewing it from afar, from space. Such a view is now afforded to laypersons, through the use of Google™ Earth. This course will provide a description of the dynamic processes that have shaped our planet, and, where appropriate, view the results of those processes from space using Google™ Earth. This will allow us to gain a perspective of the Earth that we have only recently obtained, and also to view the results of 4.6 billion years of dynamic processes on Earth. As learning partners, Professor Hughes and student colleagues will explore planet Earth as geologists, unraveling the history of the Earth by understanding the processes that have shaped it as it is today.

Requirements Satisfied: One Non-laboratory Natural Sciences and Writing and Information Literacy