Fall 2016 Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) Seminars

Fine Arts
Social Sciences
Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Art and Art History

ARTS 001 B - Drawing

Instructor: Steve Budington

This class looks very closely at the practice of drawing – the physical and formal practice; how to build pictorial space through line, shape, plane, and mark making – and the conceptual practice; the ins and outs of drawings’ relationship to the history of art, theory, criticism, and culture in general. Built on the premise that there is no single way to draw, the class explores a number of possibilities and approaches to the “what”, “when”, “why”, “where”, and “how” of drawing today. Assignments in this class primarily focus on drawing from direct observation, with an emphasis not on mimesis, but the construction of graphic equivalents. Historical and contemporary drawing examples that accomplish this in a variety of ways towards different ends are provided regularly. Supplemental assigned readings encourage discussion. Critiques of various formats are held regularly throughout the semester, and are aimed at challenging and developing technical skills, perceptual acuity, non-linear problem solving, and relational thinking.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts and Writing and Information Literacy  

ARTS 095 A - Art, Design & Environment

Instructor: Steven Kostell

Art, Design & Environment is an introductory course, exploring the principles, processes and concepts surrounding contemporary studio practice with a focus on the environment.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts and Writing and Information Literacy  

ARTS 095 B - Intro to Wheel Throwing

Instructor: Hoyt Barringer

In this course, the potter's wheel is used as the primary forming process for making functional and sculptural stoneware pieces. What makes a well thrown form technically and sculpturally? How do we determine proper proportion, form and function? Provided is an experience with process and materials that develop the necessary skills enabling students to connect hand and eye with heart and mind. Visual, tactile and historical possibilities are explored using local and refined slips, oxides, and high fire glazes. Tools may be purchased at the UVM Bookstore.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts and Writing and Information Literacy