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Benefits of the ISSP

Relevance ~ ISSP introduces students to the methodologies of the social sciences while studying problems of current importance from social science faculty who are scholars in their fields.

"ISSP focused on the intricacies of a quickly globalizing world; the program is a must for anyone who truly wishes to understand it."*

Seminar Education ~ ISSP courses are small and interactive, offer personal attention and extensive writing and speaking, and encourage critical and creative thinking.

"ISSP was probably the best decision I have made so far in my college career. It was challenging, but it gave me the skills and knowledge that have helped me excel in subsequent college classes. Also, my fellow ISSPers are like family now."*

Residence and Community ~ Through common courses and a common residence, students form a sense of community that makes the first-year experience intellectually and socially rewarding, and often lasts through college and beyond.

"The people I met through ISSP are my best friends. I am confident in saying that each one of those individuals will be part of my life forever. I highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to enhance their college experience and meet an amazing group of people, peers and professors alike."*

Advising and Direction ~ Courses in five social sciences and advising by an ISSP professor who knows you well can help in choosing majors and minors, joining the Honors College, and exploring career possibilities.

"When I entered UVM, I was an undeclared major with no idea what I wanted to pursue. ISSP provided me with an in depth look at five different social sciences and helped me build relationships with the faculty. I am graduating with a double major and a minor, all in social sciences that I first took through this program. ISSP gave me a solid academic foundation that I could not find anywhere else on campus."*

Degree Requirements ~ ISSP satisfies requirements in social sciences and non-European cultures.

*ISSP student quotes