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ISSP is designed for students who want to explore major social problems from the perspectives of different social sciences in an interactive, seminar setting. Admission is based on student interest, commitment, and the ability to succeed in a challenging program.

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Interests:ISSP is designed for students who want to understand critically social problems from the perspective of the social sciences. Our students are passionate about social, cultural, political, and economic issues and committed to equity and human welfare. What social problems or issues interest you? Are there any courses in particular in our program that stand out for you?


Background and Activities:Please describe your background and interests in (a) the social sciences and (b) any activities you've been involved in that might connect to any themes our program touches on—such as social justice, politics, economic trade, sustainability, cultural differences, globalization, urban dynamics, etc.


Initiative: ISSP students are engaged in the problems of our time. Please describe a project or issue where you took a leadership role or some kind of independent initiative.


Residential Life: ISSP fosters an inclusive environment. How would you contribute to an atmosphere of inclusion in Living/Learning? In your response, please share how your previous experiences have prepared you to engage differing identities and opinions (for example: race, socio-economic status, religion, nationality, gender, ability, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, political affiliation, geographic location, and so on).


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