The purpose of the Integrated Humanities Program (IHP) is to offer College of Arts and Sciences students at UVM the foundation of a liberal arts education, regardless of their declared major or their future field of work. The IHP offers three yearlong courses in the history of social and political thought, world literature, and philosophy and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

The IHP is the oldest of the integrated programs at UVM, beginning first in 1978, and it attracts a diverse and engaged cohort of students each year who are passionate about ideas and learning for the sake of learning. Course material is taught in small interactive seminars, and all of the IHP faculty have received UVM's prestigious Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award.

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The IHP focuses on some of the key texts of the Western cultural and intellectual tradition with an emphasis on themes such as the meaning of life, how to constitute the "good society", and purpose of art and literature.  What kinds of questions or problems about the human condition are of particular interest to you?

The courses in the IHP are structured around understanding works in their historical context while also discerning their contemporary relevance.  Are there specific books that have already come to shape the way you see the world?  How so?

Students in the IHP live together in a common dorm, forming an intellectual community where discussions about the readings are just as likely to take place over dinner as in the classroom.  Why does this residential aspect of the program appeal to you, and how might you contribute to creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment?

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