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Integrated Fine Arts (IFA) Seminars

Fall Semester

ARTS 095B ~ Improvisation and Collaboration in the Arts

Instructor: Lynda Reeves McIntyre Professor of Art More . . .

Can a line provoke a dance? Can architecture or music inform a drawing? An active and participatory course rooted in the visual arts and movement, this class will explore threads that run through  the creative art forms. The course will be a lively combination of historical examination, active art making in drawing and movement, and reflective critique. Lab fee $85.00.

Requirements Satisfied: one Fine Arts course

MU 095B ~ Green Music

Instructor: Wayne Schneider Associate Professor of Music More . . .

This course will explore the connections between music and nature.  Music can evoke or describe or even mimic nature.  Song lyrics may motivate listeners to political activism in support of the environment.  Some poets suggest all nature is music: Is there harmony in the spheres? Do whales and birds sing?  Music-making with found natural materials, group singing (perhaps), zoomusicology, music therapy, trance music, and more will be included in this course which is both writing- and listening-intensive.

Requirements Satisfied: one Fine Arts course

Spring Semester

ENGL 096 ~ Introduction to Creative Writing: The Palimpsest

Instructor: Eve Alexandra Lecturer in English More . . .

This is a literature class with a creative writing component. We will read Anne Carson, Lynn Emanuel, Nick Flynn, Kimiko Hahn, Patricia Lockwood, Carole Maso, Natasha Trethewey, and others. These writers have created their own "palimpsests" from classical, historical, political, and pop culture texts. You will be asked to identify your literary ancestors, to construct a family tree if you will. Whether you choose to prune that tree or chop it down is up to you. On one level, this course will provide an introduction to contemporary poetry and writing that challenges our thinking about what a book of poems or collection of prose can do. On another, it will challenge you to think about your writing in a larger context, to find and illuminate the "underwriting" in your own work. You will be asked to create a final manuscript in palimpsest form. All students will be expected to participate regularly and vigorously in discussion and in the writing workshop.

Requirements Satisfied: One Literature course

FTS 096A ~ Film Begets Film

Instructor: Deborah Ellis Associate Professor, Film and Television Studies Program More . . .

From early twentieth century newsreels to contemporary mashups, this course examines media created from already existing film and video footage, including a survey of technical and critical movements in the field. Particular attention will focus on the appropriation of meaning as footage is woven into new contexts. This year there will be a touch of Shakespeare added to the mix, exploring film versions of plays and remixing and recreating new versions. Creative work is designed to engage students in philosophical and aesthetic questions being raised in the class

Requirements Satisfied: one Fine Arts course