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Psychological Science

PSYS 095A ~ Sexuality Myths and Facts

Instructor: Alessandra Rellini Associate Professor of Psychological Science More . . .

Our society sends us constant messages about sex and defines what we should like, do, and not do. Have you ever wondered how much of what you learn from the media is actually true? Are men and women really that different from each other when it comes to sexual desire, arousal and orgasm? How do our minds and bodies respond to sexual stimuli and what makes us want to have sexual relations? Through this writing intensive course, students will learn to critically read scientific articles and write research papers exploring the world of sex research. Our interdisciplinary approach to the study of sex will incorporate knowledge coming from the fields of psychology, biology, pharmacology, anthropology, and psychiatry. If you take this class, you will need to be open-minded and ready to face the fact that sex is not as simple as you may have thought, and you cannot base your knowledge on what your friends or the media tells you.

Requirements Satisfied: one Social Sciences course

PSYS 095B ~ Meanings of Madness

Instructor: Judith Christensen Lecturer of Psychological Science More . . .

A widely shared expectation exists in Western Europe and North America that we should behave in a certain way. If we depart from these cultural expectations the behavior is said to be deviant. This course will explore a range of human behaviors and the departures from those behaviors that are construed to be abnormal within a specific cultural context. The course will also explore how our perceptions of abnormal behavior and mental illness are shaped by popular media messages.

Requirements Satisfied: one Social Sciences course