University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

First-Year Experience 2015-2016


DNCE 095A ~ Trends in Contemporary Dance

Instructor: Claire Byrne Lecturer in Dance More . . .

This is a discussion-based class which includes some creative movement activity. Students will examine historical and current developments in the field of experimental contemporary dance, with investigation on the roots of experimental dance and how it has influenced visual and performance art. Activities include guest artists and experiential exercises. Students are encouraged to formulate their own views and agendas regarding the direction of contemporary dance. As a related/parallel investigation, students will lead discussion in some classes on "the other contemporary dance"; that is, pop performance dance as it exists in mainstream music/video.  The course aims to familiarize both general and specialized dance students to the concerns of modern, post-modern, contemporary and experimental dance, and how these concerns continually evolve and are overturned with developments in technology, aesthetics, morality, politics, and social agendas of the times. The course invites students to see themselves as part of the growth and evolution of all definitions of contemporary dance.

Requirements Satisfied: one Fine Arts course