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CLAS 095A ~ Ancient Drama

Instructor: Angeline Chiu Associate Professor of Classics More . . .

How far is too far in the pursuit of revenge? What is the nature of justice? How can human beings wrestle with the consequences of their choices and actions? Can there ever be peace in the battle of the sexes? These are just a few of the ever-relevant questions that ancient Greek playwrights put on stage. From tragedy to comedy and back (Oh, don't forget the lawyer jokes, celebrity lampoons, and political satire!), the Athenians of the fifth-century BC pioneered an art form that still fascinates us today. In this course we will study the context, history, and lasting cultural influence of ancient Greek drama by reading a selection of comic and tragic plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Menander.

Requirements Satisfied: one Literature course

CLAS 095B ~ Ancient Egypt through the Ages

Instructor: Brian Walsh Senior Lecturer in Classics More . . .

The ancient Egyptians were high achievers in just about every conceivable category of human endeavor. Astute observers of nature as well as versatile creators and builders, the Egyptians left legacies in art and engineering, medicine and mathematics, literature and religion, trade and diplomacy, astronomy and travel, which sparked wonder and emulation in the ancient world and the birth of a broad academic field in the modern one. Egyptology is by nature an interdisciplinary field of study, and one that encompasses in various ways most of the academic disciplines in the modern academy, from "Arts and Sciences" to "STEM" research. It is thus a wonderful gateway for first-year students into academic study and research, as well as an historical touchstone for contemplating and measuring all human endeavor.

Requirements Satisfied: one Humanities course