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IHP Frequently Asked Questions

"The IHP was a unique learning experience. The outstanding syllabus of the program, combined with the professors' passion for teaching and accessibility in and out of the classroom, provided me with a foundation in the humanities that I have used in just about everything I later studied." -Tim S., UVM and IHP alumnus

Can I still major in anything that I want within the College of Arts and Sciences?

The answer is yes. The only discipline that might be adversely affected is biology, especially if you want to get an early start towards fulfilling the requirements of the major.

What if I am undecided?

Each year, about 40% of all IHP students are undecided. In fact, the IHP should help crystallize the fields of study in which you are most interested.

Will my IHP classes count toward my degree?

Yes, IHP classes may satisfy distribution requirements in humanities or literature. They might also count toward a major or minor.

Can I take other required courses or electives?

Yes, you can take any other classes that might fulfill degree requirements or count as elective credit.

Will being a member of the IHP isolate me?

This is our most commonly asked question, and for the past thirty years the response from IHP students has been a unanimous, "No." Small classes and shared living as well as close proximity to the main campus make it easier to get to know others - not only IHP classmates, but students in other Living and Learning Center programs and across the university. One of the key benefits of IHP is the sense of community and the ease of making friends-friendships that often extend through all four years at UVM, and in many cases, well beyond.

Can I apply for sophomore admission to the Honors College if I am in IHP?

Yes. A large number of IHP students who have applied for sophomore admission to the Honors College have been accepted.

Where are my classes and where would I be living?

All classes and residential suites are located in the Living and Learning Center. This easy access to classes is especially valuable in the Vermont winters.