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Integrated Humanities Program (IHP) - A "Dean's Signature" Program

"In IHP I met friends who share the same interests and passions as me and who inspired me to pursue my love of art and film. They are people I continue to live with and whose friendships I believe will last a lifetime."-Celeste M., class of 2012

IHP is one of four College of Arts and Sciences full-year Teacher-Advisor Programs. IHP has been designated a "Dean's Signature" program because it is designed for highly motivated first-year students with strong academic records.  Established in 1978, it has a long and distinguished history at UVM. The program is designed for students who seek a solid foundation in the humanities. IHP consists of three year-long courses in literature, history, and religion/philosophy, with an emphasis placed on social experience and personal questioning. The program provides a foundation in the liberal arts that benefits students regardless of their major or future career. IHP students have established careers in law, diplomacy, higher education, medicine, environmentalism, public service, as well as the liberal arts.

Courses, taught by award-winning faculty, deal with the great texts, thinkers and ideas of the past and present, and the responses they provide to questions of contemporary life. Assignments focus on common themes in the disciplines, and courses are taught congruently so that each complements and enriches the other, making reading and writing assignments more manageable.

IHP courses are:

  • Literature of Western Tradition
  • Ideas in the Western Tradition
  • Religion, Philosophy, and Self-Knowledge

Additional benefits of the program include the option to live with other IHP students in one of the Residential Learning Communities and to be advised and mentored by an IHP faculty member during the first year. Admission is by application.

Contact for information:

Professor Ian Grimmer
(802) 656-3188