University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

First-Year Experience 2015-2016

Dean's Signature Full-Year Integrated TAP Programs

Another TAP option is for students to participate in one of the four full-year Dean's Signature integrated programs. Participants have the opportunity to live together in a special residential community. By enrolling in a residential TAP program, students can easily expand their circle of friends.

Students in these full-year Dean's Signature programs take four to six connected courses taught by faculty members from different departments. These programs provide added depth, integrate the perspectives of faculty members from different disciplines, and more fully develop creative and expressive abilities. Admission to a program is by application and students can be admitted before coming to Orientation. We encourage students to apply early.

Honors College Students

There are two options for Arts and Sciences Honors College students who are interested in joining one of the TAP Full-year Integrated Programs. They are:

  1. Accept their Honors College offer and then apply to one of the TAP Full-Year Integrated Programs. Each integrated program reserves up to two places for HCOL students. If accepted to an integrated program, the student enrolls in both the HCOL seminar and the integrated program seminar classes. Under this option students retain their enrollment in the Honors College while also being a member of the Integrated Program. Students have the choice to live with other Integrated Program students in one of the Residential Learning Communities or to live in HCOL housing.
  2. After applying and being admitted to one of the TAP Full-Year Integrated Program, decline the Honors College offer. In the spring semester, students can apply to the HCOL for sophomore year admission.