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First-Year Experience

In their first year at UVM, students will experience the vast array of different learning communities that make up the College of Arts and Sciences. During this time, students will begin to establish lifelong relationships with their professors and peers, becoming active intellectual citizens. First-Semester TAP (Teacher-Advisor Program) Seminars, Dean's Signature Full-Year Integrated TAP Programs, Biology First-Year Interest Group (BioFIG), and larger courses taught by outstanding faculty offer students a variety of course options for making the most of their first-year experience. During Orientation advisors will help direct students to appropriate classes.

TAP is a writing-intensive elective program for first-year students in the College of Arts and Sciences that combines an interactive course environment with careful academic advising. In the fall semester, students enroll in one TAP seminar on a topic of common interest. TAP seminars encourage students to approach major issues from a variety of points of view by developing creative projects and expressing what they learned through speech and writing. The professor, who also serves as an academic advisor, helps further explore a student's interests and academic goals. All TAP seminars satisfy the University's Writing and Information Literacy Requirement and many also satisfy one of the College’s Distribution Requirements (Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Science, or Social Science).

Students can elect to participate in one of two different types of TAP options:

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