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In addition to language courses at all levels, we offer an array of courses in Italian and English spanning literature, culture, history, and art. Our Italian classes offer students the small class learning environment they need to develop their foreign language skills. Many of those who study Italian at UVM are doing so in preparation for an international career, while others look forward to learning more about their own family history.
One of the best ways to experience culture is to live it! Many of those who study Italian at UVM are drawn to the language as a means of immersing themselves in Italy’s rich cultural heritage by studying abroad in one of our many exchange programs. Our students can enjoy semester- or year-long study abroad opportunities through one of UVM’s exchange partner universities in Italy. 
Students find their advanced work in Italian to be an excellent counterpart to their studies in history, geography, political science, international relations, and business, as well as many fields of artistic endeavor often associated with Italy, such as art, art history, and film.

Major requirements

4 Year Plan for Career Success


  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Diplomat
  • Interpreter
  • Travel & Tourism

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Featured Popular Course - ITAL 195: Mamma mia! The Italian Family

This course focuses on the representation of the Italian family and society in novels and in movies from the end of World War I through today. This broad topic is broken up into several specific categories: sibling relationships, family responses to historical challenges, physical difficulties, the relationship between teenagers and adults, and alternative family configurations, such as same-sex unions. The course consists of reading and analysis of the selected works of fiction and films examined against their historical background.