Department News

  • Lecturer of Spanish Maria Woolson, Lecturer of French Marielle Macias Aunave, and Lecturer of Spanish/Director of the Language Resource Center Scott Martindale will present "DILL Mac Language Lab and Hybrid Environments as an Enhanced Platform for Language Acquisition and Teaching Literature" at the upcoming Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology (NEALLT) Conference. 
  • Senior Lecturer of Italian Adriana Borra presented "Bringing Dictionaries Back into Fashion: From a Lexicographer Turned Language Instructor" at the 2016 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention in Boston.
  • Assistant Professor of Linguistics Maeve Eberhardt's article "'First things first I'm the realest': Linguistic Appropriation, White Privilege, and the Hip Hop Persona of Iggy Azalea" in the Journal of Sociolinguistics was chosen by Wiley Publishers as one of the top ten articles of 2016 in Linguistics, based on interest and reach.
  • Professor of Italian Cristina Mazzoni's article "A Roman Triptych of Holy Women" recently appeared in Magistra: A Journal of Women's Spirituality in History.
  • Lecturer of Spanish Maria Woolson published a chapter, "From Management to Governance: Rethinking Water Policy and Privatization on Easter Island" in The Politics of Freshwater: Access, Conflict and Identity (Routledge, 2017).
  • Professor of French Gretchen van Slyke's article, "Who Wears the Pants Here? The Policing of Women's Dress in Nineteenth-Century England, Germany, and France," originally published in Nineteenth-Century Contexts, has been chosen for inclusion in Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism, a new program of online resources for students and academics, with a searchable database. 
  • Professor of Linguistics Julie Roberts was featured in the first episode of a new Vermont Public Radio podcast, Brave Little State. The topic was the past, present and future of the Vermont accent. Click here to listen!
  • Professor of French Joseph Acquisto's book, The Fall Out of Redemption: Writing and Thinking Beyond Salvation in Baudelaire, Cioran, Fondane, Agamben, and Nancy, appeared in a new paperback version in November.