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Option #2 - HON 196B

Honors Enrichment Contract-Lab, Studio, or Performance Space Option (3 credits)

An Honors Enrichment Contract (HEC) is an opportunity to pursue focused and customized pre-thesis work in the form of a mini independent study within the framework of a regularly taught course. Students need not have a fully defined thesis topic in order to pursue an HEC, but they should have identified an area of interest that may lead to a thesis.

Please read the requirements carefully. Any and all questions pertaining to these requirements should be directed to or 656-3344

Honors Enrichment Contract Request Form - Lab/Studio/Performance Space Option" (Option #2)

Students pursuing this option will be engaged in significant undergraduate research activity in labs, studios, and performance spaces supervised by faculty members. Just as with the HEC Course Option, the goal of the Lab/Studio/Performance Space HEC is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in an enriched form of study that will prepare them in a meaningful way for the work they will be doing on an undergraduate Honors thesis in the year following.

Requirements of the Lab/Studio/Course Work HEC

As with the HEC Course Option, this HEC will require the student to submit a contract request form to the College of Arts and Sciences outlining the work the student will need to complete to receive the 3-credits of Honors Enrichment and the method of assessment.

Because HON 196B is a 3-credit course, the Lab/Studio/Performance Space HEC must include at least 8 hours/week in the lab/studio/performance space (working alongside and in regular consultation with their faculty mentor).

HON 196B will be assigned 3 credits and evaluated with a letter grade (A-F)

Choosing a faculty mentor for the Lab/Studio/Performance Space HEC

In almost every case, the work pursued as part of the Lab/Studio/Performance Space HEC will evolve into an Honors thesis. For this reason, students are urged to remember that the guidelines for the Honors Thesis in the College of Arts and Sciences specify that "Only Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors in the College of Arts and Sciences can be thesis supervisors. Lecturers, Instructors, or faculty from other UVM colleges do not qualify." For that reason, students might also choose to work with a Professor, an Associate Professor, or an Assistant Professor on the HEC. Information about a faculty member's status at the university can be found by looking the faculty member up in the UVM Directory.

Just as with Option #1, students seeking to pursue the Lab/Studio/Performance space HEC should approach faculty in a timely, respectful manner and with the recognition that faculty members are not obligated to supervise an HEC.

Approval of the HEC

In the semester prior to pursuing the HEC (and at the very latest, before the end of Add/Drop of the semester in which the HEC is being pursued), students and their faculty mentors will submit the electronic HEC request to the College of Arts and Sciences.  Please submit the request via email as a word document to with HEC in the subject line.

Honors Enrichment Contract Request Form – Lab/Studio/Performance Space Option" (Option #2)

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