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Honors College Students in the College of Arts and Sciences

All students in the College of Arts and Sciences who are also members of the Honors College have a shared set of opportunities and responsibilities that come with their "dual citizenship" in both colleges.

Beginning in the Fall of 2012, HCOL Juniors in the College of Arts and Sciences will be required to pursue one of two options (along with the one-credit HON 101) to fulfill their Junior-year HCOL requirement.

Requirements for completion of honors program:

  • Satisfy the requirements of the Honors College in the first two years (HCOL 85/86; HCOL 185/186). (NOTE: students admitted to the Honors College as sophomores have the first year seminar, HCOL 85/86, waived.)
  • Complete ONE of the following options:
    1. HON 196A, a 1-credit, binding agreement with a faculty member for enriched course work in one 100+-level 3-credit course taught by that faculty member (an Honors Enrichment Contract).
    2. HON 196B, a 3-credit undergraduate research project taking place in a laboratory/field/studio setting, also specifically contracted with a faculty member.
  • Complete a zero or one-credit thesis proposal-writing workshop (HON 101) offered by the Honors College. Students will ordinarily take HON 101 in the spring semester of the junior year. Students who will be studying abroad in the spring of the junior year should take HON 101 in the fall semester of the junior year. Exceptions to the HON 101 requirement include the following:
    • Students studying abroad for their entire junior year. (NOTE: students planning to study abroad for their entire junior year should let the CAS Dean's Office know as soon as possible in order to make appropriate arrangements for the thesis proposal process).
    • Environmental Studies students enrolled in ENVS 201.
    • Students who are already engaged in their honors research project.
    • All students needing to waive HON 101 will be required to submit a waiver request form which is to be completed by the student and their thesis supervisor. Students must submit this form to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office at 438 College Street one week prior to the add/drop deadline during the semester in which they wish to waive the HCOL requirement. The Honors Committee will review the form to determine if the student is eligible for a waiver of the HON 101 requirement.
  • Propose and gain approval of a College Honors Thesis or Creative Project. Typically, these proposals are submitted to the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Committee in April, after the completion of the spring sections of HON 101. At the time of the proposal's submission, one must have a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher.
  • Write (or produce) and defend the six-credit College Honors Thesis (or Creative Project).
  • Complete the two-semester, zero-credit Senior Thesis Seminar (HON 201).
  • Fulfill all seven B.A. distribution requirements (regardless of whether one is seeking a B.A. or a B.S. degree).

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