Deciding on a Major

Students often feel pressure to decide on a major for their first year. Keep in mind that approximately 40% of students are undecided about a major when they enter college, and many students change their major at least once during their first two years. The first year or two can be a time to study subjects in which you have an interest or a time to explore topics new to you. An educated person needs to understand the variety of ways of knowing and to see the connections among them. You may find a more creative, meaningful major by first studying broadly and then finding the best fit for you.

Graduates offer a wide range of transferrable skills and enter a variety of careers from many different courses of study. Careers include medicine, television, law, sales, foreign service, finance, politics, public relations, non-profit business, and environmental consulting.

We advise students to select a major by the end of their sophomore year in order to complete all major requirements within four years. Some majors (often those offering Bachelor of Science degrees) have a strict sequence of courses over the four years. In those cases, it makes sense to declare the major in the first year.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you choose a major: