Returning to UVM from a leave

Students in Good Standing:

Please complete our online Application for Readmission

Dismissed students who wish to return to the University:

Dismissed students may apply for readmission directly to the College of Arts and Sciences after one year. The Academic Standing Committee requires completion of an application with evidence of successful academic performance (a grade point average of 3.0 or above) in at least 12-15 credit hours of course work and an indication that any other circumstances contributing to the dismissal have been resolved. The decision to reapply should be weighed carefully since readmitted on trial students who are dismissed for a second time will not be considered for readmission on trial until at least three years have elapsed.

To reapply, complete the Dismissed Student Readmission Application (pdf) and return to the Office of the Dean - Student Services.

Further information regarding readmission may be obtained from the Office of the Dean.