AUDIT (AU), PASS (P), NO PASS (NP) are grading options that have limits and restrictions on whether they can be used for a class.

AU: Students wishing to regularly attend a course, but not receive credit, may register as an auditor, with the approval of the dean and the instructor. Auditors have no claim on the time or service of the instructor. Students must meet minimum levels of performance set by the instructor at the time of registration in order to receive an audit grade. Tuition is charged at the applicable rate. Students need to submit a "Grade Mode Selection Form" with the required signatures to the Registrar's Office within the add/drop period for the semester.

Note: Courses taken for audit are also included in determining the number of credit hours for which a student is billed. Audited credits or Credits by Examination cannot be considered as part of the credits in determining financial aid eligibility.

P/NP: Undergraduate degree program students, not on academic trial, are permitted to take up to six courses (or as many courses as they have semesters remaining for transfer students) on a pass/no pass basis, beginning in their sophomore year. Courses in the student's major department, either for the major or for the degree, and electives within the distribution requirements of a department may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis. This option may be used without condition for free electives. It also may be used for physical education (activity) courses, and shall not be counted as a part of the six standard courses described above.

Students must complete all work normally required in these courses to receive full credit toward graduation for passing them. The instructor will not be informed of the student's status and the Registrar will record grades of D or higher as Pass and grades of F as No Pass. The grade submitted by the instructor will not become available to the student nor to any third party. There are no quality points associated with Pass/No Pass grades.

To apply, a "Grade Mode Selection Form" must be approved by the student's academic advisor and submitted by the student to the Registrar's Office during the add/drop period for the semester. Requests to be removed from that status must be filed during the same period.

Note: Non-degree, graduate and certificate students may not take courses on a pass/no pass basis.