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CAS Before Orientation "Must Do" List

To Get Started:

  • Activate your Net ID If you have not already done so, you can activate your Net ID at and click on "activate your Net ID."
  • Log into MyUVM portal (located on the top right hand corner of the UVM home page) by entering your Net ID and password.

From the myUVM Portal "Getting Started at UVM" tab:

  • Register for a Transfer Student Orientation Session found on the Orientation Website.
  • Take the Math Readiness Test if you plan on enrolling in a Math course. Please note: The readiness test for Math is for placement ONLY and will NOT fulfill the Mathematical Sciences Distribution requirement.
  • Take the Foreign Language Placement Test if you want to enroll in any level of Spanish, French, or German (even if you have never taken coursework in the language). You will be disenrolled within 24 hours if you are not in the level that was recommended to you by the placement test. Please note: The placement test for Foreign Language is for placement ONLY and will NOT fulfill the Foreign Language Distribution requirement.

From the myUVM Portal "Student" tab:

  • Double check that your major is listed accurately as seen under your Academic Profile. If it does not accurately reflect your desired Major you can click on Change Your Major/Minor/Concentration found in the Academics box.
  • Look up and register for classes. You can add and drop all summer so there is no harm in registering yourself. We can always change it later.

Transcripts and/or Advanced Placement (AP) Scores:

  • Confirm that all official transcripts from your former/current school(s) have been sent.
  • Contact the College Board to request that your AP scores are sent to UVM. They will not be automatically sent from your current school.

Transcripts and AP scores can be sent to:

UVM Office of Transfer Affairs
360 Waterman Building
Burlington, VT  05405

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