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Please note: All students in the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to student abroad must gain approval from the Dean’s office.

Students interested in studying abroad should visit the Office of International Education to learn more about opportunities and guidelines. The Office of International Learning Education (OIE), located B-162 of Living/Learning Center, is an advising and resource center for students interested in a year, semester, or summer study abroad experience. Study Abroad Advisors maintain extensive information about study abroad programs, institutions, and volunteer opportunities. They, in conjunction with the academic advisor and the Office of Transfer Affairs, help students identify programs appropriate to their needs and arrange credit approval from UVM. All students intending to study abroad and receive transfer credit from UVM are required to visit the PIE and to complete the Study Abroad Approval Form prior to departure. Contact the OIE for deadlines. Official approval is required for students to be guaranteed that their programs of study are eligible for transfer credit and that any financial aid will apply. There is a $400 study abroad fee for semester and year-long programs and a $200 fee for summer programs.

To be approved to study abroad, students must:

  1. Have completed two semesters at UVM or have sophomore standing.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, or between 2.0 and 2.5 with a minimum semester average of 2.5 for each of the last two semesters prior to studying abroad.
  3. Meet the admissions criteria of a University approved study abroad program. University approved programs include those program on the UVM approved list.

Students with a GPA above 2.0 who have not completed two semesters at UVM and don’t have sophomore standing may petition their academic dean for permission to study abroad. Students seeking such permission should request an Academic Eligibility Form from their Study Abroad Advisor in the Office of International Education to be signed by their academic dean.

Students who have been dismissed or are on academic trial are generally not eligible to participate in study abroad programs. Under no circumstances will a student on disciplinary suspension the semester before studying abroad, and/or the semester they are scheduled to study abroad, receive official UVM approval for overseas study.

For more information about eligibility requirements for study abroad, visit the Office of International Education website.

For more information about UVM’s Exchange Programs, Faculty-Led Programs, Affiliated Study Abroad Programs, and other popular study abroad programs, please see the current UVM Catalog.

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