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Your academic advisor can be an invaluable source of information, so plan to meet frequently. Course selection for the upcoming semester, career options, and other educational decisions are matters to discuss as well as any problems that may affect one’s academic performance. Rapport between a student and advisor adds an experienced and knowledgeable dimension to long-range academic planning. Frequently, a relationship that began as student/advisor blossoms into a friendship that lasts beyond college graduation.

Note that your academic advisor has expertise in scholarly issues, especially pertaining to your major. The College of Arts and Sciences Student Services office can help you to identify other resources that you may need, including professional advising and support concerning student health, legal matters, writing and learning skills, general career planning, lifestyle/residential issues, academic accommodations and more.

Your current advisor appears on myUVM under the Advising link on "My College/School". Plan to meet during office hours or call them directly for an appointment. If students cannot reach their advisor for an appointment, leave a message requesting a reply. Faculty advisors are a great resource in all aspects of planning a schedule of courses and ensuring that your course selections meet graduation requirements. However, the student is ultimately responsible for deciding which courses to take and whether they meet degree requirements. Read the requirements carefully!

Students are Assigned an Advisor in a Variety of Ways:

  • Undeclared first-year students enrolled in a Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) course are assigned to the instructor of that seminar until they declare a major.
  • Undeclared first-year students not in TAP are assigned a faculty advisor within the College. Those students will keep the same advisor until they declare a major. Once students declare a major, they will be assigned an advisor in their chosen field.
  • First-year students who have a declared major and are enrolled in a TAP course are assigned to an advisor in their major field as well as the instructor of that seminar (for the fall semester only).
  • Students not enrolled in TAP who have a declared major are assigned an advisor within their declared field.
  • Transfer students with a declared major will be assigned an advisor in their declared field. Undeclared transfer students will be assigned an advisor from one of the departments within the College.

Students who need assistance and/or haven’t been assigned an advisor should contact the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office at 802-656-3344.

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