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Degree Audits: Curriculum Audit Tracking System (CATS)

The College of Arts and Sciences utilizes the Curriculum Audit Tracking System (CATS) for academic advising and certification of degree completion. CATS audit is available to faculty, students and Dean's Office Student Services staff.

Please access and review your CATS audit through the MyUVM portal under "CATS for Students.".


  • Please pay great attention to the sections that are not completed and highlighted in red. All of these outstanding sections MUST be completed in order to receive your degree. Feel free to view the completed sections of the audit, but they are considered satisfied.
  • If there are outstanding requirements within the degree audit that you thought were otherwise already completed DO NOT PANIC! This audit takes into account the direct rules of the Catalogue and does not include exceptions that may have been made.


If you do indeed have an exception that was approved by the chair or designate, please contact Student Services via email at Please be specific in the nature of the exception, your student information, and who approved the substitution/exception.

Record Errors

The CATS audit will not be accurate if your academic record is not correct on the system. Please review your online transcript and make sure Major(s)/Minor(s)/Degree are all up to date. Make appropriate changes through the online declaration page. (CAS Major/Minor/Degree Declaration)

Future Semesters

CATS audit includes all courses in which you are enrolled. This includes the current semester and any registered courses for a future semester. The system assumes that you will successfully complete the courses and will use them to fulfill requirements. If you change any present/future schedule in the slightest (i.e. add/drop, fail or withdraw from a course) it will affect the audit. After any changes, please review your audit again.

Transfer Credit

CATS audit does not include courses that are not on your record, so please plan accordingly and receive prior approval for transfer credit to see how it will fit into your degree program. In addition, once the courses are completed, have an official transcript sent to Transfer Affairs so these hours may be included in your audit.

Last modified June 29 2016 01:12 PM