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Tips for getting off probation

If you are on academic probation, it is important that you utilize all of the resources on campus. We encourage you to meet with an advisor in the Dean’s Office to see which of the resources listed below may be most appropriate in assisting you to reach your goal of getting off of probation.

The Learning Co-Op offers academic support programs for students:

  • Learning Skills: Strategies that can be applied to all classes.
  • Subject-Area Tutoring: One-on-one tutoring in most introductory courses.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Facilitated group study in selected large lecture courses.
  • The Writing Center: Assistance with papers for any class.

The ACCESS Office provides accommodation, consultation, collaboration and educational support services as a means to foster opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in a barrier-free learning environment.

The ALANA Student Center (ASC) exists to ensure that African, Latino/a, Asian and Native American (ALANA) and Bi/Multi-racial students succeed at the University of Vermont.

Career Services offers career counseling and advising, job search workshops, a career information library, on-campus interviewing, and help with resume preparation.

The University's Center for Health and Wellbeing provides accessible, high-quality, cost-effective, prevention-oriented primary health care, mental health counseling, and a wide range of prevention and educational outreach programs and referral services designed specifically to meet the needs of the UVM students and community.
Their services are geared to support both the mental and physical health essential to the intellectual and personal development of University students, enabling them to participate fully in University life.

Available CHW services include :

  • Alcohol & Drug Services
  • Athletic Medicine/Sports Therapy
  • HOPE Help Overcome Problem Eating
  • Medical Clinic/Student Health
  • Mindfulness Practice Center
  • Travel Health Clinic
  • Nutrition Services
  • Occupational Health Clinic
  • Office of Conflict Resolution
  • SHARES Sexual Harassment and Rape & Education Services

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