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Arts and Sciences Internship Policy

These are the minimum requirements. Individual departments may impose additional requirements.

  • Typically, internships are intended for third- and fourth-year students. Availability may be limited.
  • A maximum of 12 hours of internship credit may be counted toward the B.A. or B.S. degree. Individual departments determine whether internships count toward the major and minor.
  • Students are expected to do 10 to 15 hours of onsite work per week for 3 credits. In addition, students are expected work with a faculty member to design an independent readings and research component that complements the internship activity.
  • One-semester internships must be done for a minimum of 3 credits. Credit level is determined by each participating department.
  • Students doing internships must sign a contract describing their activities, providing an assessment of the academic benefit of the internship and indicating what the specific learning goals will be. This contract must be signed by the student, instructor, student's advisor, work supervisor, and any additional persons as required by the department. The work supervisor must provide a written evaluation of the student's work. Contracts must be completed and signed by the end of the add/drop period of the semester in which the internship credit is taken.
  • The student must write a final report by the end of the semester, which will be part of the grade assigned by the instructor. Any other projects or other academic work completed during the internship, as well as the assessment from the internship setting, will be considered in assigning the final grade.
  • Internship work must be done during the same semester in which the student is enrolled for internship credit, except by prior written agreement.
  • Students may not receive internship credit for an internship begun prior to the semester in which the student elects to pursue an internship contract.

January 29, 2008

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