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Dean's Staff Awards for Superior Performance

Administrative Support/Technical Support

Please note: The deadline for Nominations is May 31.

These awards recognize outstanding effort and achievement by staff in the support of the mission of the College. Since 2010, two awards have been given annually: one for superior administrative support and one for superior technical support. Each recipient will have his/her name engraved on a commemorative plaque, and will receive a personal cash award of $250 from the Dean's Office. The awards will be presented and the recipients formally recognized at an event held each year.

Eligibility and Nomination
Criteria for Evaluation of Nominations
Nomination Procedure and Deadline

The nomination form and letter of support must be submitted to John Burke, CAS Associate Dean, no later than May 31.

Selection Process

A Review Committee of department chairs appointed by the Dean will evaluate the nominations and make recommendations to the Dean.

Nomination form (PDF)

Superior Performance Award Winners


Dave Hammond, Scientific Electronics Technician
David Hammond
Scientific Electronics Technician

Dave Hammond has served the Physics Department for the past 25 years.  During that time he has made important contributions to the department and has become a master of an impressive catalog of lecture demonstrations. In the planning phase of a course, the instructor will sit down with him to discuss demonstrations to coordinate with the lecture. Department chair Dennis Clougherty notes that Dave’s “knowledge of construction has been invaluable with the design of the new STEM complex, providing key insight and comments on all aspects of the new building.”  Every year Dave hosts several visits from local middle and elementary schools. As one science teacher from Jericho Elementary remarked, “His enthusiasm for showing ‘how science works,’ his love for tinkering, and his great ability to share his insights and his sense of fun in how the physical world works make him a unique asset to any department that wants to encourage young people to participate in the wonderful world of physics.”

Diana St. Louis, Administrative Assistant
Diana St. Louis
Department Administrative Coordinator
Psychological Science

Diana St. Louis has worked in her position for three and a half of the nineteen years she has been at UVM. As former department chair Bill Falls said in his nomination letter, “I am writing to provide her with my strongest recommendation as she is a major ‘part of the glue’ that holds our outstanding department together!” She has assisted in the design and implementation of new department policies and forms over many years. Some of Diana’s personally designed forms are currently used for the graduate application process, faculty seminar series, Master’s Degree and Ph.D. defense processes, Independent Study process, new hires, graduate programs brochures, and handouts for graduate applicant visit days. Falls also noted that his “nomination of her is endorsed by the administrative leaders in the department, the faculty, and graduate students, as well as many of our undergraduate students. It would be literally impossible to think about this department continuing to run with one of the largest undergraduate majors and one of the largest Ph.D. programs in the University without her.”


Paul Decausemacker, Technical Studio Supervisor
Paul Decausemacker
Technical Studio Supervisor
Art and Art History

Paul Decausemacker has provided high-quality service as the technical studio supervisor in the Art and Art History Department for the past 32 years. During that time he has exhibited extraordinary problem solving skills whs015_stile guiding thousands of students who need assistance translating conceptual puzzles into works of art. He has a spotless safety record and his attention to the health and safety of all shop users has always been meticulous. He is skilled at moving from a first-year student's naïve experiences with a power tool to a faculty member's questions about their own research projects. As the current department Chair says, "His ability to discuss solutions with individuals working at various degrees of sophistication is remarkable."

Salli Griggs - Dept of Sociology
Salli Griggs
Department Administrative Coordinator

Salli Griggs has worked in her position for 9 of the 18 years she has been at UVM. As her department chair said, "She goes well beyond the necessary bounds of her job description and has made an enormous contribution to the teaching and research in the department and the College." Members of the faculty commented that they regularly consult her about complex matters such as solving a problem in Excel, writing a budget for a grant, fixing the classroom technology, or translating an arcane file emailed from overseas in an unknown format. It was noted by the current Chair that, "In the end, she is our hub. Send her an email about a problem or question and she's at your door in seconds." Says her former Chair, "There was no job that she shied away from when I was Chair. No task was too great." And her always-full basket of chocolates and expertise at wisecracks mean that everyone stops by her office at least a few times a week, if not a few times a day.


Mike Hamblin, Physics Dept
Michael Hamblin
Scientific Equipment Tech
Candace Smith, Political Science Dept
Candace Smith
Department Administrative Coordinator
Political Science


Lori Jean, Admin Coordinator, Philosophy Dept
Lori Jean
Administrative Coordinator

Superior Administrative Support

Technical Director and Facilities Manager, Theatre Department
Patrick Orr
Technical Director & Facilities Manager

Superior Technical Support

A Generic Image
M. Shea
Administrative Coordinator
Global and Regional Studies

Superior Administrative Support


Geography Departmental Coordinator, Vibeke Burley
Vibeke Burley
Departmental Administrative Coordinator
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Patricia Corcoran
Patty Corcoran
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Dean's Office


Lise Larose Acad. and Student Svs
Lise Larose
Acad. and Stud. Services Advisor
Dean Office - Student Affairs
Gabriela Mora Geology Dept
Gabriela Mora-Klepeis
Dept. Technician


Shari Dike - Economics
Shari Dike
Dept Admin Coordinator


Marilyn Eldred - Physics
Marilyn Eldred
Dept Admin Coordinator
Gail Kirby - Psychology
Gail Kirby
Business Manager


Kathy Carolin - History Dept
Kathy Carolin
Dept Admin Coordinator
Dale Thibault - CMSI
Dale Thibault
Business Manager
Communication Sciences