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Staff Development Award Guidelines

  1. The maximum staff development award is $300. (This is an annual allotment and can be used to support several awards totaling $300 each fiscal year, July 1 - June 30).
  2. Recipients must be permanent staff members in the College of Arts and Sciences with an FTE (full-time equivalency) of at least 0.50.
  3. The probationary period for the current position must have been completed prior to receipt of an award.
  4. The funds must be used for professional development, and may be used to defray travel expenses, registration fees for professional conferences, short-course tuitions, and workshop fees. Awards may not be used for programs that are similar to those available free of charge through the University or to purchase computer equipment, software, or other durable materials.
  5. Before submitting an application the applicant should speak with his/her Department Chair and get a commitment of release time and assistance in funding if the amount needed should exceed $300. (Departmental assistance with funding is not required but is strongly encouraged.)
  6. Applications will be reviewed once a month on or shortly after the 15th of the month. Applications should be submitted as early as possible.
  7. For the sake of efficiency, funds will be transferred to the Department twice each year. You may spend this money before it actually appears in the budget.
  8. Applications should be submitted to the Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences, 438 College Street.
  9. The application form is available below in Adobe Acrobat format.
  10. Questions about Staff Development Awards may be addressed to the Business Operations Manager in the Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences.

Rev. 12/09