Superior Performance Award Winners 2013

Candace Smith, Political Science Dept

Candace Smith

Department Administrative Coordinator

Political Science

Candace L. Smith has worked as the Political Science Department's administrative assistant for 32 years. As her former department chair said, "She is truly the institutional memory of the department." Members of the faculty commented that they consider her a colleague in the management of many tasks, looking to her not simply for administrative support, but for advice and counsel as well. She knows how to prioritize students' needs and is extremely helpful when it comes to the department's curriculum and major requirements, handling student issues with assurance. Clearly it helps that she was a major in the same department during her undergraduate years at UVM. Faculty also mentioned that she is funny! "She gets jokes and gives jokes right back." Says a faculty member, "Given how many tasks she has to juggle and how many different personalities with which she must deal, her sense of humor is an invaluable part of her management portfolio."