Superior Performance Award Winners 2010

Lise Larose Acad. and Student Svs

Lise Larose

Acad. and Stud. Services Advisor

Dean Office - Student Affairs

Superior Administrative Support

Lise Larose was described by one colleague as "THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD" for the College of Arts and Sciences.  She has worked for the College for more than 20 years, is well respected across campus, and is involved in ALL areas, from enrollment management to advising to curriculum. In that role she is "a tireless advocate for students, an essential link to other staff across the university, a valued colleague, and an individual who is truly and passionately devoted to the College of Arts and Sciences." Colleagues noted that she is "a people person," "a sympathetic advisor who is never too busy to return a phone call from a faculty member or student," "...the one that is always on top of the task at hand. She's extremely well organized, has enough energy to run the whole college herself and her enthusiasm is only to be rivaled by our UVM hockey fans...!!!"