Superior Performance Award Winners 2008

Gail Kirby - Psychology

Gail Kirby

Business Manager


Gail Kirby, Dept. of Psychology: Gail was nominated by member of the Department of Psychology faculty and by many graduate students. Their support for Gail's nomination was full of praise for her significant contribution to the department and to the University. Gail has been a staff member at the University of Vermont for the past twenty-nine years and has been with the department of psychology for the past nine years.

Those who wrote of Gail's accomplishments were effusive in their recognition of her thoughtful, creative, and innovative spirit. According to the chair, the department has an outstanding all around staff, but "Gail is the lynchpin of the team." There is a great deal of personal and professional respect for Gail throughout the University. "She has shown herself to be competent, responsible, and, most importantly, a caring professional citizen.