Superior Performance Award Winners 2013

Mike Hamblin, Physics Dept

Michael Hamblin

Scientific Equipment Tech


Michael J. Hamblin has supported the experimental research program in his department for the past seventeen years. Prior to this job, he was a staff member at UVM's Instrumentation and Model Facility for nearly twenty years. A graduate of Cornell University with a B.S. in engineering, he is a highly skilled machinist who has gained the respect and admiration of the entire department. His service goes beyond the department, helping students and faculty in chemistry, engineering, and physics over his career. One example of his commitment to helping others took place recently when he worked with a student to significantly improve the design of an apparatus to test solar cells. The cost was only the price of a halogen light bulb, and the unit was otherwise built from scraps of materials, including an old mirror found in a drawer in a teaching lab; a commercial unit of this type would have cost tens of thousands of dollars