Superior Performance Award Winners 2008

Marilyn Eldred - Physics

Marilyn Eldred

Dept Admin Coordinator


Marilyn Eldred, Dept of Physics: Marilyn was nominated by faculty members from the Department of Physics because of her strong commitment and dedication to the Department of Physics, the college, and the university. Each noted that for the past eleven years Marilyn has demonstrated this commitment in a remarkably generous and public-spirited manner. Eight of those years were in the Department of Physics where she helped guide the department through some difficult transitions.

Marilyn was instrumental in helping the department become a more welcoming and helpful place for students. Several junior faculty members also noted Marilyn's helpfulness to them as new faculty. "Marilyn provided invaluable help and information from the first day of my arrival," said one faculty member.

For many years, Marilyn has demonstrated that she is a good university citizen. She has taken on leadership roles demonstrated most clearly by her service on the UVM Staff Council.