Superior Performance Award Winners 2009

Shari Dike - Economics

Shari Dike

Dept Admin Coordinator


Shari Dike, this year’s award recipient, has worked at UVM since 1994, and in the College for the last seven years. Faculty in the Economics department have glowing praise for her dedication, her work ethic, and her sunny disposition. Some of the comments from faculty about Shari were as follows:

She is “a model of clarity, consistency, patience, even-temperedness, and encouragement for the efforts of others,” “… a stickler for detail and order...,” “diligent and meticulous.... “Her record keeping is airtight.” “She anticipates problems and solves them before they happen. Her management is seamless.” “She is always asking “how can I do this better? What have I learned from this process,” and implements new procedures as a result. She “never stops improving; she has taken numerous staff development courses at UVM. Her interest in the central mission of UVM, education, is also so keen that she has taken several courses in sociology and women’s studies,” and “she most recently served on the college committee to revise the staff performance appraisal form.” She “always has a very positive attitude and is willing to help both faculty and students.” “…when she was on extended sick leave a few years ago, she was even running the show from her hospital bed….”