Superior Performance Award Winners 2011

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Patricia Corcoran

Patty Corcoran

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Dean's Office

In 2011 two awards were given for superior administrative support because there were no technical support nominees.

Superior Administrative Support

A fellow staff member aptly described Patty Corcoran as "... an inspiration to us all....[She] is tireless in her efforts to support students ....she is creative and persistent about advocating for students and ensuring that the policies we have in place are in the best interest of the students .... In the same way, she is an excellent mentor and advocate for her staff and supports individuals' goals as well as those of the office. She fosters an office environment that encourages hard work, innovation, awareness of others, and fun! Her charm and wit are amazing and her energy is infectious..." Another colleague commented: "...If I were starting a university from scratch Patty Corcoran would be at the top of my list of people to recruit. She has shaped and mentored generations of staff in the College office, training them, showing them, guiding them, to be of great service to students... one of the greatest resources we have." 2011 marks Patty's 30th year at UVM.