Superior Performance Award Winners 2011

Geography Departmental Coordinator, Vibeke Burley

Vibeke Burley

Departmental Administrative Coordinator


In 2011 two awards were given for superior administrative support because there were no technical support nominees.

Superior Administrative Support

Vibeke has worked at UVM for 10 years, the last four in the Geography Department. She is the sole staff member in her department, but faculty note that she is able to juggle a remarkable number of tasks with "... smooth competence, [a] cheerful outlook, and "anything's possible" attitude..." This includes helping to maintain labs and oversee work-study students, undergrad TAs, and research assistants ; handling the multiple chartstrings and cost-share memos required by numerous grants; sorting out piles of travel expense receipts and PurCard statements; making arrangements for 6-8 guest speakers a year, the awards dinner, graduation reception, and department honors; and handling numerous personnel actions. Her chair comments that Vibeke is so skilled at PeopleSoft and other programs that she often helps people in other departments with various tips and help sessions. Colleagues highlight her commitment and caring about their success as faculty, calling her "a gem," "exceptionally diligent and reliable, " and " who brings light, good cheer, and grounded common sense to the department."