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Professor Laura Webb

Laura Webb

Assistant Professor of Geology

Laura Webb, Assistant Professor of Geology, received her B.S. in Geology from University of California at Los Angeles in 1994 and Ph.D. in Geological and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University in 1999. She comes to UVM from Syracuse University where she was a Research Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences.

Laura's research specialty is investigating the temporal and spatial evolution of large-scale tectonic systems using constraints from field geology, radiometric dating, and microscopy. She is actively involved in two collaborative research projects funded by the National Science Foundation. One project centers on characterizing the record of intracontinental deformation in southeastern Mongolia and how it relates more broadly to the protracted history of growth of the Asian continent. The second project is focused on the geology of eastern Papua New Guinea where she and colleagues are investigating mechanisms responsible for actively driving the rapid return to the surface of rocks once subducted to depths deeper than 90 km.

Laura's hobbies and interests range from dabbling in various formats of creative expression (cooking, music, art) to exploring the great outdoors. She is very much looking forward to great opportunities for all of the above afforded by living in the Burlington area.

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