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Professor Donna Toufexis

Donna Toufexis

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Donna Toufexis, Assistant Professor of Psychology, received a B.S in biology and an M.S. in insect neurobiology at the Concordia University in Montreal, and a Ph.D. in neuroscience at McGill University. She completed post-doctoral studies and was a Research Associate at Emory University in Atlanta prior to joining the Psychology Department at UVM.

Her research focuses on gender differences in the control of emotion and in emotional learning. She is particularly interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms by which sex hormones modulate fear and anxiety behaviors in both the male and female brain.

Dr Toufexis will teach a course in animal behavior that focuses on adaptations of the brain and central nervous system in the natural environment (neuroethology), and a course on hormones and behavior. In addition to research and teaching Dr. Toufexis enjoys creative writing.

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