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Professor Dianna Murray-Close

Dianna Murray-Close

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dianna Murray-Close, Assistant Professor of Psychology, received her B.A. from Carleton College in Psychology, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota. Dr. Murray-Close comes to the UVM Psychology Department from St. Olaf College, where she was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology.

Dr. Murray-Close's research focuses on the development of aggressive behavior patterns in children and adolescents. Her work explores the development of forms of aggression more common among girls (i.e., relational aggression) in addition to forms more typical in boys (i.e., physical aggression). Relational aggression is defined as behaviors that harm others through the manipulation of interpersonal relationships, and includes behaviors such as maliciously ignoring others, rumor spreading, or threatening to end a friendship. Dr. Murray-Close's research has examined the social, cognitive, and physiological contributors to children's involvement in relational aggression as well as the maladaptive consequences associated with such conduct. Other research interests include gender development and the development of Borderline Personality Disorder. Dr. Murray-Close will be teaching Developmental Psychology at UVM this fall.

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