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Professor Pablo Bose

Pablo Bose

Assistant Professor of Geography

Pablo Bose will be joining the College of Arts & Sciences in fall '09

Pablo Bose Assistant Professor of Geography, received his B.A. ;(1995) in English from the University of British Columbia, his M.A. (2000) in Communications from Simon Fraser University, and his Ph.D. (2006) in Environmental Studies from York University. He currently holds the George Washington Henderson and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada postdoctoral fellowships at UVM.

Bose's Ph.D. research looked at the involvement of diasporic or immigrant communities in processes of economic development, population displacement, and environmental degradation in their ancestral homelands and countries of origin. In particular, his work examined the case of the Indian metropolis of Kolkata and the construction of so-called "international-style" luxury condominium complexes on the eastern fringes of the city.

Recent publications based on this research include articles on the cultural and economic practices of diasporas, urban development in postcolonial cities, and the processes of identity formation in transnational groups. Other research interests include the politics, economy and culture of South Asia; relationships between media, power and representation; and social and ecological justice movements in North America. He will be teaching a course on Development, Displacement and Environment in the spring.

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